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“Minor Or Major”

July 21, 2012

Again having a time in the midst of locating this site, although persistance and exactability is the key. It always pays off. Nothing to me is secondhand as authentication matters most. In the wake of Friday’s incident or for that matter in any wake of what may occur: one may have a thought which if enacted could resolve an upcoming situation. There is sophisticated technology that will detect a minor infraction or a major offence on a screener or scanner. This is used at different intervals by the Baltimore Police Department. As cars travel at any given time while the bpd detect any cars speeding at a minute or much greater speed, this device will have a datebase and see instantly if the person has been charged far back as twenty of more years of anything anywhere, and if it has been settled in or out of court. Baltimore is very progressive and although not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, no city is, does appear to have the appeal to a solution.This device detects two hundred or more cars in an hours time. This strategy is working successfully momentarily and should be put in place nationwide. Surely the citizens wouldn’t object to that in fact they would welcome it, declaring that it is about time.