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“Two Into One”

November 9, 2011

On this day there is a snowfall which is beautifully breathtaking for the moment however it is just anĀ inch or so and doesn’t couver the roads only the lawns, trees etc., and yet a glimpse of snowfalls to come. Fortunately later this week the weather will be warmer and the snow will disappear from view. One will attempt to correlate two thoughts into one. Let’s say hypothetically speaking, if forĀ instance someone had an inner scar which over the course of time had harden. This stands to reason b/c scars are a grains of sand therefore maybe blown away however if the scars are ingrained with water it hardens and becomes a muddy substance. Now just suppose if the scars would be liquefied with the assistance of some safe chemical these scars would eventually soften over time and therefore some of the particals would slowly break off and go within the person’s system. Just reading an innovated article which was highly impressive concerning Graybug LLC. Its founder is Justin Hanes a biotech professor at John’s Hopkins University who is also co-founded Kala Pharaceuticals. This startup programme will give the state of Maryland a tax credit, inturn will lure investors. Graybug raised the money without the assistance from the state. One must commend the effort and diligent savoir-faire this event from the very beginning. They are on the road raising one million dollars and this will go in the pursuit of eye diseases. Therefore at last there will be a bright shining light toward the end of this tunnel. They are on their way to making history and it will be so much better as the years progress.