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“Time: Forth Segment”

June 6, 2014

Am reading again. First of many books namely” Grand Central: How the train station transformed America. The forward is happily by Pete Hamill. Always loved his style of writing however the book is by Sam Roberts. It is historical technological as well. Some has moments of joy. This is first of five books. Got a vhs movie Nothing In Common, a NY Mets hat along with a Montreal Canadiens hat. These were a combination of Mothers Day and Birthday gifts. So pleased with them. Got them from my son, Ian. Everyone is a product of their own making. Growing up was no picnic. Both my parents weren’t perfect however they were no angels either. They both had selfishness personified. Recalling that I never had a birthday party, There is a difference between being alone and having a sense of isolation. Never joined any outside activities at all. Brownies, Girl Scouts, was out of the question. That was the same way with Camp Fire Girls as well. All it seemed was school, homework. Never had a two wheel bike much less learn how to ride. A recollection of having a large tricycle and going down a ramp and crashing it. Although later on taught myself how to ride a bike, I guess. Taught myself how to swim too. So enjoyed the water. My aunt and uncle were wonderful, caring, genuine. Had such camaraderie within their family There were and are simply splendiferous to me and that is how I have always will feel about that family to this day.