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“Mountain Out Of Mole Hill”

September 1, 2010

As this day is well underway it is a raining presently with thunderstorms overnight and the same was for yesterday. Some people have their likes and dislikes and others feel passionate about things. Yet others will think it is a mountain out of a mole hill that it doesn’t matter. One begs to differ. While at Borders a week or so ago, had attempted to purchase an item from the at the store and couldn’t. So went to Walgreens to just put a five dollars in cash thinking that was all that was needed to put on a visa pre-paid card. However the manager said that one would have to put another amount of money and pay for the activation fee again. One was so angry in a quiet way, one had gone over to Copps(a supermarket) to get some things then write a check for over the amount. Didn’t really intend to even go there. While there got to the counter and notice one had misplaced one’s wallet and found it in another sachel that one was carrying. One was so intense in anger, one had bought two pints of ice cream and two bottles of diet coke. One just sat at Borders and began to chat with a person from the Bronx. That somewhat calmed oneself however not entirely.