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July 8, 2013

My Bonnie lies over the ocean. My Bonnie lies over the sea. My Bonnie lies over the ocean. Oh bring back my Bonnie to me. Bring…back, bring…back: Oh bring back my Bonnie to me. When Irish Eyes are smiling!Death is an extension of life. There are so many persons who have to exist through no fault of their own with damaged, incomplete,for the most part none at all. This is through injury, congential,or accidents. These participants wait in hospitals or at their homes. It seems like a lifetime of waiting. It could be a short or as long as a six month to a year of waiting. These brave ones will never have their chance in the sun. They die. Also they must be a match and then there is a fear of rejection and they must start the entire process over again. As death comes to all of us at one time there is the ultimate gift of life which is never unmatched immeasurable incomparable. It is really easy to do. On your id card you carry in your wallet there is a sticker which is of course free too. The dmv will ask you a simple question. All you have to answer is yes or no. There is a serious shortage of these too. Got my haircut at Supercuts the other day. It looks great! Got some summer shoes today and am wearing shorts now. So much more comfortable now. The air conditioner is on low with two fans going. Have only had six hours of rem sleep. Felt like summertime in the city. Back of the neck dirt and gritty!