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“In Names Only”

October 8, 2012

Let’s give a silent accolade to relatives who give their time to other members of their families with recognition. Naturally these selfless human beings don’t have to do others the favour. Most of the time it is expected of them without question without even a thank you. At times it is a case of cat in a cradle. It could be an elderly aunt, uncle, cousin, mother, father or a grandmother or grandfather. People who have raised children already and just want their time to be their own. This could be in the same frame with friends too. The casual persons in your past whose names you recollect for some reason or another, guess myself isn’t the exception. Maria Benito, Cecila Careas come to mind. Maria was from Madrid who spoke sparse English was held back from the eighth grade and didn’t graduate with the rest of us. She was crying so hard; it was heartbreaking. Cecila was from Montevideo, Uruguay. For some reason thought she was from Caracas, Venezeula. Remembering now she was from Montevideo,after looking the countries up in the dictionary. She sat in back of me in class @ HCA in D.C. These girls were from the embassy. My sister Anne phone me recently after quite a time, twenty years plus. Said she had gone to a reunion of classmates in Indianapolis. Gave me a phone number and ask me to call that. These people asked about me. So out of shere curiousity tried phoning and it was the wrong area code. So got it from google. Their names are Mary and Ruth Berkebile. They are twins and during the years they had gone to several twin conventions. One being in Minnesota. Called them recently and chatted quite a long time. I had gone to school with them actually only half a semester in Indianapolis. Never liked the school at all. Too highfalutin including the teachers. It was called Ladywood, non existant today. Never connected with it. Mary and Ruth were music majors and have devoted their life to that. Played in the Peru Community Orchestra. Live in the same place now.Lived in Los Angeles, for two years. What’s the deal with that? Hadn’t spoke to them in thirty plus years. Oh the last word of my previous blog was myxomatosis. Saw Radiohead on pbs tonight. Was that an omen? They are utterly awesome.