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“Memories In Melody”

December 22, 2012

In this beautiful season of winter comes memories of melody. Memories of awesome photos of wintery senses through a camera lenses which persons share with scriptures of thoughts connected to them. If there was a melody that would be attached to them what piece of music would it be? Would it be a combination of all types? There has been a blizzard here with 12-20 inches of snow. Hasn’t been bad at all. Enjoying it completely. Actually a kid at heart, I am. A friend is in Northern Wisconsin at the moment and what a wonderful group of photos he has posted. Actually couldn’t resist to share them on my page. Maybe in the future I will use them as a couver photo. The memories of friendly gestures are unforgettable. Have been posting articles referring to gun control. Have to mention that Colin Goddard shown that he was more than courageous. He has gone uncouver to gun shows and shown how easy it is to purchase of gun without any identification which he did it once then repeatedly. Then the NRA has given an irrational statement. Won’t dignify the clarifacation of it: for it is irritating to even think of it. Enough. Sorry to spoil this blog with unpleasant words, but had to say something a little more about what I am thinking. Hope this will go through as a permanent blog b/c the typing is different. Happy Holidays to all of you.