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“One Definitive Moment”

September 5, 2012

Been putting off blogging for the fact that being occupied with several things and simply it becomes more difficult to dream up topics. Surely it is easier to find ways to avoid this and easier still when things are awry. However Andre my son is still here in Madison: seems so much better regardless of the daily happenings. One might say that it is a learning process for both of us. Getting to know or reacquaint each other after a period of eight years: his being in Seattle. Speaking by phone is one thing, chatting conversations is another, yet being face to face is a whole different matter. Since April it has been grand. Now it is September. Nearly five months and his birthday is next month. Knowing that he doesn’t like cold weather and really who does, if they had their choice. For that matter Wisconsin cold is harsh. I think he is winding down the time spent here. Am grateful for the time already spent. Afterall he is an adult, a very wise one. So that is the course of events in life. Enjoying the time with him. One definitive moment is maturity and that he is, in many more ways than one way. Things with myself have grown more as a result of his being here

“A Release”

January 25, 2011

As the winter persists and endless snow is forever here, one thinks back to another time about less than twenty years ago. It was a time of change and circumstances were most stressful. To release this feeling one thought of a positive way to combat it and this process work each time. With ones limited knowledge of French, which one had taken in high school for a couple of years, then corresponded with a friend in both French and Italian: thought one could put it to use. So one obtain a sheet of paper and began to write in french about the feelings then and there. At first one had written only a few words and with a strong effort on the feeling rather than the words, the words began to cascade freely openly with wonder. The stronger one felt the faster the words came. Then before one knew it, the page was filled on both sides. It is just amasing. Then one just knew the present, past and future tenses of verbs, not the subjuctive or conditional. So with the nouns one had known, it was easy to make oneself clear in content. At that time one knew at least nearly three thousand words this including the parts of speech.  One would script ones feelings on this paper and soon before long it became a tablet of pages. One would only script when one was stressed at the time never when one wasn’t. It was the beginning of a learning process. Then at another time when attempting to learn Italian, one would sing a song by Harry Chavin and translate the adaptation into Italian. It really wasn’t much but again a learning process of self achievement and self improvement. Inwardly always admired persons who had the savoir faire to know another language by speaking it. However, ones pronunciation wasn’t in that venue. One could only read and write it. Maybe that is something! By any shape or form it isn’t adeptness. Only adequate in comparison.