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“Rays Of Sunshine”

April 28, 2011

What a chilly cloudy day here however far better than elsewhere. Spring has surely sprung with massive storms in the south. Surely think of friends especially at┬áthis time and am confident that they will come through with flying colours. Has anyone seen the rolling racing clouds just before the sky opens up with many raindrops pouring down upon the earth? One has many years ago. While doughing sprinkles of rain here and there. What a marvelous sight to belong, to see the clouds with shades of colour from deep blacks, greys, pinks, blues as rays of sunshine begin to pour in suddenly. This sight was before oneself as one was on the way to work at a brisk pace. Have finished the book “Race” and just started another one, ” Touch And Go”┬áboth by Studs Terkel. The first being most informative while entertaining as well. The second one is a memoir and was written when he was ninety four years of age. Imagine that. The previous one being prescribed interviews of various people as they have experienced their numerous incidences and feelings toward the happenings. Things are relatively going ok. Am coping and trying to stay on an even keel.