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August 3, 2013

While totally yanked from under the surroundings of a beautiful place, without any questions asked beforehand as to a choice, it all boiled down to a me syndome. While the only bright spot in my life were the endless love letters that came frequently to the new address. I personally would separate secretly the mail from the letters each time they came. They were in my life, and no one else’s in the family. Occasionally my mother would go to the postbox before me and mention ” You got another letter from John” Now how many is that? I wouldn’t answer or make up something like ” I don’t know, or I wasn’t counting”. I would go up in my room, close the door as my heart would pitter-pat as I carefully open the letter address to me. As both of us were now seventeen still in school and activities in different states, we still made the time to script. On weekends my sister Anne suggested that we go to a neighborhood movie. We would both go and enjoy different movies as the usher would give us free tickets to see two movies at once. Anne said the usher thought I was cute and actually wanted my phone number. Anne was very talkative and gave him the number. His name was Andy Morris. He would call the house and ask for me. Anne would talk a long time with him about nothing particular. I would say I was busy each time he called. Actually I was thinking of John. Anne was still friends with Andy. She and Vivian would go to see the free movies. My liking all kinds of sports, I went to a basketball game and a boy was flirting with me. His name was Bob Patterson. He said hi as I did too. He would smile each time he saw me. I really didn’t pay any attention to him. I was thinking of John. In his letters he said he was going to quit school and join the Navy. Which he did. He was stationed at the Great Lakes Naval base in Waukegan, Ill. Still the letters came from there. Told me about naval life, early rising, scrubbing the deck. Along with the letter was a picture in a sailor uniform. How I held it. As we turned eighteen the love letters continued to come. I by that time was babysitting on weekends. I’ve always loved kids. It was enjoyable. Noticed that my father would go into an alcove adjacent to the kitchen and take a bottom of whiskey from the cabinet below the ledge, with a glass closet filled with dishes and glasses above that. While looking around the corner of the kitchen saw many more assorted bottles there on the ledge. Of course didn’t say a word to anyone. He would drink often after coming home from work too. As our birthdays turned into another year, more love letters. As dinnertime was just about to commense there was a knock on the door. It was John and another follow much younger. My parents didn’t welcome him. He asked if he could speak to me, as he was very polite? My father uttered something and called me from the table. John another fellow and I walked outside to the corner at the end of the street. As the sun was just beginning to set in the glorious colours John and I started to talk. The other fellow waited in the car until the conversation ended. He said ” I love you” said that he wanted me to go with him. I said” John you’ve changed” He didn’t look the same” Not in a physical way yet in another way which was unexplainable. My father said ” he looked like he had been rolling drunks” Didn’t really believe anything my father said. John said ” He had run away from home”. I told John that I wouldn’t go with him. He cried and so did I. It was a three hours since he had arrived. Went back into the house.