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“Changing The Law”

July 29, 2010

As the feel of the day is well underway one is cognisant of the heat abound and one is still inside so perhaps it will be better when one desides to go for a strool later or again it could be a fooler.  The answer is changing the law in reference to the violence of the gangs which have been invading the safety of city streets in America. These gangs aren’t just in the major cities. They are moreso in the smaller cities and for that matter in the towns in which they can be incognito from the law enforcements. The law should be stricker: it is too lenient at this point in time. There is a law on the books now in some states saying” three strikes and you’re out”. I believe this pertains in the state of New York” However does it pertain to the gangs? The gangs culture have a far different mind frame. It is on the same par as barbaric, hideous, animalistic. One would surmise that a good start is to rid the judicial system of judges who are politically appointees and replace them with judges who are of merit. Reason being, is that some gang members only receive probation for their crimes. Now that is a wrong senario. Or sometimes it is dropped to a misdemeanor. That again is a miscarriage of justice. So why are these judges handing down such sentences. As for the lawyers there should be a replacements of these too: the same as the judges. Do these gangs members have judges and lawyers like the Cosa Nostra did? Each time the mob was charged with a crime they would get their own people to get them off. Could an origanisation take the responsibility to get the ball rolling? Maybe a referendum on the ballot is the answer. Or a petition signed by members of the neighbourhoods would be the answer. Our beautiful cities, Chicago, Pittsbourg, Philli, Baltimore, NYC. Each and every city is plagued with this menace and it just gets worse day in day out, without a solution is place and worse yet people not addressing and ignoring it, as if it will vanish and it won’t. These gangs are reprehensible.