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September 7, 2012

What a worthwhile, eye-opening and progressive day. All wrapped up in one. Made several calls for things wanted and needed which was fine. Been wanting a certain fragrance which is ideal to my way of thinking and it is particularly indigenous and enhances the scent of the skin. I only and forevermore will wear this. I, for sometime had run out of it. So there I am calling Boston Store, JC Penneys, Sophroa, Walmart, and even Macys, and guess what. No store has it in Madison. Yes this is a small town with small town ideas. O.K. don’t rag on the town you might say! Well what is the alternative? O.K. I am a bit frustrated to say the least. For years I have always wanted to wear this. Why change now. Wear something else that is mediocre. Absolutely not. At least I know that it isn’t available here. That is something. That’s all for now.