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“In The Course Of Events”

July 6, 2011

What a hot day it is! Normally one would comment that it is a warm day however today is hot, close to five degrees from ninety. One will normally just have a small fan on in one’s apartment. Just occasionally one will run the ceiling fan a while however not today. What happens in the course of events prior to something heinous happening? A couple of days ago one had heard on wls that an incident occurred in Indiana, particularily in Martinsville. There was a six year old child shot and killed with the gun as he slept in his bed. The murder gets worse. He was shot by his brother who was eleven years of age. Now there are a many questions to ponder. One had read that the brothers had two different fathers so they would be half brothers. So why doesn’t the article report that originally. Now what kind of life did this eleven years have to seek such an act? Afterall this is a child too, apparently without guidance from adults. When the incident happened the mother and the boyfriend were supposed to be caring for the two boys, apparently that wasn’t happening in this case. Now whose gun was it? Was it the boyfriends? Why wasn’t it locked in a box and put into a high chest, that only the owner had and kept the key? Wouldn’t it be logical of the mother and boyfriend to be charged as accessories? They should both be accountable. The prosecutor has voiced that the act was intentional. Being intentional under the law is have presence of thought or pre-meditated. This is an eleven year old boy, still a child. The age of reason doesn’t come until the age of seven. According to the prosecutor the boy is being charged with first degree murder. Wouldn’t a person think that the prosecutor was just making a name for himself? Is the prosecutor self appointed? Is he coming up for re-election soon? Remember there is justice for all or there should be. Needless to say, this boy’s life is ruined. Time and time again mothers have a child yet can’t raised them in an appropriate way. Was the mother and boyfriend high on a drug or two? Human beings never learn. Without proper guidance the age of reason never comes.