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“Very Vivid”

July 17, 2013

The sultry summery days are in full swing. It would be wonderful to relax in ocean breezes with the wide open skies with a long island ice tea in hand, sipping it while savoring the cool liquid. Naturally it is great to wear jewelry however with 90 degrees or more it feels better having as little as possible. Drinking some ice water is wise, being coffee and tea dehydrates you. So the more refreshing water the better. Still keeping up with news events to my liking. Always you will find that some local reporters will glance at the other while reporting their portions. Really why do they do that! Each has an ear piece to inform them what is coming up next. Why don’t they look down at the next item. Just read of a elderly man who shot and killed a thirteen year old to teach him not to steal his guns. His mother watched in horror of his neighbor carrying out this act. This happened in Milwaukee. Nightline indicated that the U.S. has the heaviest amount of guns in the world: how easy it is to obtain illegally without background checks.This happens in private negotiations. When being a child I would watch cowboys and indians and thought that the guns were real. I would avoid going to the isle where masks for halloween were sold. Years ago there was a tele programme that was called “Manamal”. It was very frightening when the hawk would slowly change into another animal in extremely slow motion or back to the man.There were several of them featured. Having a very vivid imagination, I would simply turn away. It was scary and all of the above without going into it. There are many upcoming freaky shows in the autumn in the terms of meaningless entertaining the public. Another reason why the tele is a waste.