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“Quiet Contemplation”

June 14, 2010

With a very rainy weekend happily for the record books, one was in quiet contemplation. Just basically in deep thought after reading an intense book. Really needed the respite. Have more intense books yet to read “War” by Sebastian Junger, which I will start tomorrow while visiting Borders. Another ” Bodies of Winter” by Robert Knightly and yet a third being ” 50 Dead Men Walking” by Martin Mc Gartland. Saw the movie which was very well performed on dvd last night. One was occupied with mundane items to accomplish such as laundry, taking a shower which was achieved thanks to another taping reparing the broken shower head, then having one’s friend cut my hair so I can still style it and it now looks presentable. Through the weekend one listened to music from cassettes. Went through a meriad of them playing one after another and checking the quality of them whether one wanted to discard or not. Came to the conclusion that one had purchased some for the reason of the favourability of one or two songs. Yet maybe that wasn’t the case at all, merely knowing one’s taste in music has changed. Had these cassettes for over ten years. It is ironic that one still will always like certain types and music talents and regardless of how many years that pass. Intend to give other items away too. So others may enjoy them. Whatever isn’t given is lost.