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March 18, 2011

It just must be warmer outdoors because it is chilly in here. Just an observation! The snow has just about disappeared yet the white cold stuff is still on the ground which is so unbecoming being that it is the middle of March now. Again another view! One is entitled wouldn’t you say. Generalising¬† is so very wrong. Grouping people together shows ignorance.¬†And of course that goes with religions too. Why is it that human beings connect religion with people. In the first place, a person’s belief or lack of should be a private matter between themselves. Human beings should respect others regardless: and treat others as they would like to be treated. It is much easier to chat with others if one would just see themselves face to face. People would be more apt to carry on with other individuals. That goes for nations as well. Needless to say, not everyone shares this option however b/c they haven’t read it yet, or cared to understand the possibilities where it will lead. Just give it a try! That’s all one asks, and if it works, beautiful!