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November 3, 2013

Sunny blue skies with drops of clouds dotting above the leafless tall trees makes it a scenic autumn day. The athleticism of the human body is an artistic way of ultimate expression. In the World Series, regardless of the team, the way the player contorts their body to catch an oncoming ball as it is floating from 96 feet or more above and the ball seems and does appear in their glove. It is skillfully amasing. When a another player steals a base and goes along the surface without a care in the world it is actuality. In soccer where the striker is running the length of the field in rotation seems never to tire there is skill, strength together. If a wing being right or left makes a corner ball directly in the goal, it is never magic: it takes repeated practise, skill. To view a goal from upclose or afar is phenomenal. In hockey where the puck is flying over 100 miles an hour and the goalie saves more than a numerous amount from coming and going past him into the net is spectacular. In luging and bobsledding where the runner has to jump on the sled as it is going 300 or more miles an hour in a less than a second as it is curving sometimes back and forth and its over a high embankment as it swiftly geers carefully to the left then right and straight to the end of the run. As a basketball player shoots a hoop with slightly touching the rim as the ball goes sliding through, it is skill. A still photograph of these individuals are truly pictureque in the minds eye. It can’t be a facsimile.