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“Worth Mentioning”

June 27, 2013

With heat waves underway, cooling devices in gear,sunnier days in store, this is definitely worth mentioning! Meaning with my intuitive powers thought I would lead a one woman protest and of course others would jump on the bandwagon: and why not! It surely has been done before: the time when “The Guardian” was taken off the air, when “NYPD Blue, the pilot episode wasn’t shown in very conservative Cincinnati and many were up in arms and lead an intelligent protest and got results. Of course this situation is much more drastic. Years ago, maybe in 2008 there was a rumor that unfortunately came true. Then in 2009 Borders closed its doors in the entire U.S. Not a living soul knew why. College students with loans to pay with second jobs were let go from the company. I personally liked “Borders” It was sad to see it fold. There were 2 locations here in Madison. As the years went by, there wasn’t hide or hare as to why. I still wondered. A few moments ago thought I would see it “Borders” were still around somewhere. And there on facebook there is a site that indicates the obvious. There in black and white and colours galore, “Borders Malaysia” appeared in true form. That was my long answered question. Noticed that a like was there in full view too. It had where someone could leave a message on the site as well. Reminds me when someone has a question with the phone company, you are connected with people who are in India. Irritating to say, the least. Malaysia is in Asia with the capital Kuala Lumpur. This city is huge, very Americised and very liked by the U.S. You might say that the U.S. and Malaysia are friends. However Malaysia is an Islamic country. Which is fine. Malaysian laws are strict and the culture is very different also. This is brief background on the beautiful cultural country for those who would like to be informed. In the U.S. the competition is falling off which isn’t a good sign. Especially when it comes to reading the US falls far under the norm as in comparison to other countries. You have to notice the literacy factor in the equation in the fact of education too. Technically the U.S. still leads the world. Let’s have ” Borders” come back to the U.S. someday soon. Jobs will be filled. More competitive aspects. Give B&N a run for its money. It’s truly not just to do something at anothers expense.