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October 30, 2013

Welcome to all who live here! Unbeknownst to anyone who really cares to debate about meaningful, uplifting conversations:only few will take part, most will find it non-consequential. So I shall be an advocate to lead. There is the ultimate hobby for me, debating. This could have been entitled descrepancy point three however wanted to show emphasis on horizontally which is the correct answer after much research on the subject. This place is all spread out. The bus lines aren’t adequate by any means, very unreliable. The cab system is expensive and goes by zones, that too, is unreliable. Now the matter at hand is finally will be conversed. This place has got lakes. That isn’t the answer which most people are wrong and say repeatedly. When this place was originally built or constructed part of it was built by the mob, yes the cosa nosta. It wasn’t and still continues to be built around the lakes and never horizontally like it should have been from the start. If it were it would be more livable, however it isn’t and will never be. It is a shame. This place to transient.