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“A Promise”

November 13, 2010

Here it is another time to be awake after getting some much needed rest earlier. Without having the use of the computer due to one’s tendencies, one actually now has to or wants to play catch up with blogging. This premise is a promise to oneself in the fact that one hasn’t seen my son Andre for an amount of time. So therefore thought it would be an excellent idea to go to Seattle and see him however due to circumstances on his behalf, thought better of it. This was an original plan in case for some reason he wasn’t able to come to Madison to see me, I would go to Seattle. This plan was before the end of the year. However this plan changed. So without feeling disheartened on one’s part, started to revamp one’s room. Actually the intention is to downside it. It is coming together nicely so far. Realise it will take some needed time. Again it will be well worth it. Been reading a fastinating book ” Memoir” by Barbara Walters. Actually it was recommended by one’s friend, Lanie. Glad one took her suggestion. Been strolling as the weather is conducive for that. Been waiting for one’s eyewear so that is another epic in itself. More about that in the future after its been played out.