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“A Race Against Time”

July 31, 2010

After a summer rain overnight it’s again a warm day with the stillness of air. There are seagulls flying with their wings spread open as they soar over the bay waters. There are several joggers, bikers and people walking their dogs in the morning mist. Also several people preparing to gather refuse from the lawn as they clean the particles that are left near the bay. All of this happens as one has a race against time. This phrase is known to be told at different intervals in life. One may somehow be waiting for a relative as that person undergoes an operation. One again may view a fire from a house as the paramedics are on their way to a particular address. There are numerous reasons as this phrase would pertain in a situation. Although without revealing this particular situation, it has reoccurred many more times as one has been in the middle of it and will hope it will rectify itself, and happen less often if not be the very last time. Knowing that when it happens, it is necessary to do something immediately.