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“Double Serenity”

November 14, 2013

Warmer days are upon us for a few days. Giving Thanks for that, if reversed G.T.becomes the titled holiday. Maybe nothing to do with pilgrims and indians: or maybe so, really who knows. Giving thanks to my parents ( yes,surprise, surprise, what a bombshell)for having the choice to bring me into this wonderful,incredible, adventurous world. The terrible upbringing in which I endured was no fault of my own. I was stuck with it and had to roll with the punches, in every way possible. On the other hand the quirks and flaws of the Jecko side was entirely much better than what I was facing on a daily basis. I fortunately found the camaraderie of the Jecko clan to have double senenity and to the opposed chaotic conditions. I felt ostracized personally of any relative involvement. So any opportunity that came I jumped at the chance to be around the Jecko side. The whole clan has a unique way of coming together in ways unimaginable all the time. They support one another in good and bad times. Just imagine if I were born into their family and not mine. They would give me encouragement, focus on my flaws such as giving me hand eye coordination which I have very little,never coddling me, felt like smothering me. That is never the way to protect. Crush, erase my fears of crossing streets, intersections mainly. My mother didn’t care correctly for herself, smoked heavily, drank occasionally, had German Measles while pregnant with me, having congential cataracts as a result. Now if Aunt Cora was my mother this wouldn’t have happened. Aunt Cora and Uncle Perry were wonderful, caring, genuine individuals that I simply loved, liked, admired. If Aunt Cora were my mother she would have encouraged me to take the SATs just to see for my own benefit as to what my attibutes were, strengthened them, as far as my weaknesses are concerned, surely she would have strengthened them as well. I would have been a much better person in those ways, however never perfection. Grant me the things I can change, accept the things I can’t, have the power to know the difference.