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October 13, 2013

With endless sun shining, somewhat nip in the air makes a wonderful variety. The burnish rustling of colourful leaves coming and going on the surface and the trees swaying gently in the breeze as the beautiful quietness befalls us in the serenity. Imagine sitting on the top step of the pavement for a while, for most that is a normality. Then going back to the routine of daily living. Yet for some of us that pavement is a way of life. In the daytime some walk a very long time to a food bank. People don’t look on the packages, cans and other items whether or not they are expired. Most cases they take it for granted, and of course it turns out to be out of date. It doesn’t occur to them to be in the habit of doing this. Maybe they seem to be tired, or not thinking at the time. As the evening falls and the night is upon them, they look around to view the scene and it is always the same except for a little variety sometimes. Then they find a spare place. Lying down on a different type of pavement, turning into a position and then another to try to be comfortable. That never happens. They dose off in a very light sleep, try to erase the thoughts that are whirling in their brains which are the hum drum of their lives. This too, never happens. As the holidays roll around, the general consensus is to feed the hungry. What an ultimate joke. Does the populous feel bad/ why isn’t this done more? Sometimes they are get in the habit of the noise while they are in a sleepless state, yet other times they are listening to unusual noises and they climb into and then then escape from the manhole when they think it is safer,in their way of thinking. It is never actually safe. At times they want a bit of slight comfort( of course isn’t a brand of liquor) it is a kind word and never judgement. Sometimes again in the daytime where in their life each day is the same, they tend to look for a covenant house which is only scattered in a few cities and not in all. One will never know the answer to that question. Don’t say it is the lack of money b/c that is a lie. Covenant House should be in all capitals of the states and in all of the states.