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“Part One, The Eye”

September 3, 2011

It is nearly ten in the evening and one has been up since six this morning. One for some reason is not fatigued as yet. Have had an active day thusfar, very progressive too. Besides just the regular routine normally done, one had gone swimming again today as Labor Day draws near and the pool will be closed for another season. Really enjoy the activity as it is very relaxing to oneself as one will go under the water and imagine oneself scuba- diving. Now imagine that! This particular title doesn’t pertain to a sense rather it pertains to the eye of a hurricane which is the most dangerous of all. Irene came suddenly with enough force toward the eastern seaboard to disrupt many people’s lives and cause much havoc to property and believe it or not it is at this very moment still is troubling  to many as rivers are still above their banks in N.J. Pa.Vt. and upper NY State. In fact the town of Plattsville was nearly erased from extinction. My second cousin who lived in Plattsville is now in Orange County, one spoke to her mother, Maggie to see where Sara was. In fact one called Maggie in NYC and asked her where her daughter was. One was that determined to know the whereabouts of Sara. She is Tim’s daughter and being that one was very close to Tim, the situation became very personal to oneself. This is the first time that the NY subway system was shutdown. Imagine all the working cables had to be down without getting anyone injured in the process. Irene before it was over made three landfulls. Unimaginable but done nonetheless. There are 50 million persons living on the east coast. This goes from Fla to Me. At least seven states called for warnings in preparation of the storm. This storm was only a Cat. One. Each governour did their level best to give persons prior notice soon in advance. One must commend each and everyone of them regardless of party affiliation. At the beginning of the storm, one couldn’t sleep the night before for one was thinking of one first cousin Mike. So one called him and he fortunately was fine, spoke to his wife Susan too. Was so grateful that they were well. Phone Ian and he was fine. Phoned one’s daughter- law’s mother and grateful also that Wanda was well too. By doing those courtesies one felt peace of mind. It really didn’t take any time at all to achieve this too.