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“Utter Persistence”

August 5, 2010

As this new month is well underway, things were proceeding at a normal pace with one’s utter persistence. Namely speaking of purchasing three items. Well easier said than done as the story goes. These items were as follows: The McCourts of Limerick, The McCourts of New York and Side by Side by Sandler and Young. Now referring to the first two items. These are both movies and they are on vhs. The third item is well known by some music masters who knows anything at all about what music should sound like. Now not a store in sight had these items. Barnes and Noble hadn’t had these items either as one saleman commented to oneself that vhs is not in stock as one’s determination wasn’t going to falter. Checking ever so often if Borders had the items. Then one would go to the advanced search and type in the said items and sure enough the store had all three of them. In fact Borders was the only store which had them. Not ruling out Amazon and of course online companies. This in one’s mind didn’t matter. So the time was then and now. Went there and one couldn’t proceed with the transaction for one needed to purchase a visa of mastercard. Reason being the products weren’t coming from Borders however they were coming from several other companies which weren’t affiliated with Borders. These were a separate entities. So went to Walgreens to purchase the card however couldn’t do that. This is after one wrote out a check. This transaction just needed cash which one didn’t have at the moment. So went to Copps to purchase so items so one could go back over to Walgreens and give them cash for the card. Put only $25.00 figuring that would be an adequate amount. This one must say it happen yesterday. Now the shifts changed and the salesman was unable to complete the transaction. After receiving the card one had to activate it and the salesman was most helpful in that respect. There were a number of questions which took a toll and in the process left the salesman on hold for a period of time. So then today one went again to Borders and another person a saleslady was able to complete the two items. As for the third item it wasn’t done due to the fact that the total was just over the limit of a dollar.This included shipping.¬†One made the decision to forego the third item and purchase that another time. Besides, being that it was a LP one will have to get some blank discs and record the album. With the check written yesterday at Walgreens one purchase a small fan, some other items. Was over the amount so one wrote another check for a some amount to couver those items. Put the fan together and it makes a world of difference. Last night had to leave the blinds open and got cross ventilation. It was that warm. In fact it was stiffling to put it mildly. So what a comfort that is.