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“This And That”

November 27, 2012

How creative, like a calming effect, maintaining daily life of this and that. The holidays are here with one gone and well remembered. Actually the best in a long time, with my son still here which made all the difference in the world. What more may someone deserve, with health continuing on an even keel. Dram Shop laws and the dram shop act depending on how a state views it. There are 38 states having it and 7 states which don’t. California banned it because it is really hard to prove. Looked it up online and without quoting the exact meaning. Those who are interested may educate themselves and find out if they choose. It will be the 4th case of books, along with movie discs, mainly tv programmes and some music discs too. Those items will be sold at half price. This short little diddy is coming to an end as all things do, short and sweet.