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“A Derivation”

March 24, 2013

A new day, a start of another week and sunshine along with it. Couldn’t ask for anything more than that! Up early too, and found a forward email that was delightful. The derivation of words are very interesting. You could most likely know from the prefixes, such as pre that denotes before: suffixes that come at the end of a word. Some of the two gives you a meaning before actually pronouncing the entire word itself. Example: sub meaning under. Ion or tion etectra comes at the end of words. Reservation: The Native American Indians are reserved on a reservation and piece of land or property. The re denotes again. Con sometimes means against, for instance conclave. There are too numerous to mention all. There is a Greek alphabet which begins with the word Alpha and ends with Omega. There are Roman numerals or symbols too. I =1 then add one more = 2 add another= 3 then IV = 4 V = 5 then X denotes 10 and another X and it is 20 add yet another and it becomes 30 then L = 50: put an X before that and it is 40: C denotes 100 and M = 1000. Was researching of info online. Originally after reading an article about Pope Francis 1 was to how to find the more priests to fill the void. There were several Anglicans converted to RC priests. So thinking of more and of which faiths that would be suitable. Went on wikipedia and began reseaching. Read about the Amish which are in 28 states. Sell clothing, furniture, foods. Was on the Nat.Geo.Society site learning and retaining about them. It is ironic that they refuse all modern conveniences however they are favored on Facebook. Kind of a contradiction. Then there are the Menonites. The Amish have fallen away from these, however they are both called Anabaptists. Ana= again So they are re-baptised. Then was reading about the Jehovah Witnesses and the Kingdom Hall. A statement is worth noting. When I lived in Ala., there was a Kingdom Hall across the street from my apt., and a mosque nearly a stones throw on the same side. The Indians from of course India, would worship there. Both Hindus and Moslems practising Islam peacefully. If for instance a person doesn’t understand something or for some reason misunderstands or refuses to learn that person says it is a cult. Cult-ure is a way of life. The way that something is a cult is if it consumes you and you are forced upon it without knowing it. Perhaps it is an insult to these individuals. So, in the future think before you speak. Respect others: there is a huge amount of knowledge that you may gain if only you listen.