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March 7, 2013

As the endless snow graces the surface of the ground, it seems that it will be here forever, along with the cold and where in the world is spring! Oh it is suppose to be only weeks away. The same storm that hit us is now blanketing the East Coast. While we as Americans are warm in our homes of comfort( while never all):it is good to appreciate this freedom. As in all wars that the US have been involved most have been fought for a good cause. The United Nations have done an excellent job in securing peace throughout the world. Each time that the soldiers have gone home, there have been peacekeepers to watch. They are in most every country that the US have rightfully fought. Now there have been 20 soldiers taken by the Syrian rebells. Just recently Secretary of State Kerry has said the US will support the rebells against the current dictator of Syria. An article that was posted in the NYTimes said it was unclear as to the reason of the capture. Diplomacy is very difficult and also very complicated. There will be many questions in the coming days and there is a hope that these individuals will be safe and not forgotten. This incident happen in Golan Heights at the border of Israel and Syria. There was a map drawn pertaining to the location. It viewed Lebanon to the north, Jordan to the south. Regardless of what occurred, lets deals with the prospect of having a meaningful outcome. Let’s too keep in mind that time is of the essence. Use it wisely. I might add that while starting this blog, it took three tries. I guess that is a charm.