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“Summer Breezes”

June 30, 2010

As one was strolling one viewed a jet ski pulled by a motorboat with huge waves galore streaming along side. There was also a couple of wild brown rabbits with their dark wide eyes prancing along the sidewalk ready and eager to go to the other side which green grass was abound. One finally got an email from my neice Dara. One is flying to Indpls on the 8th of July and will return on the 13th of July. Am really looking forward to the visit. Will be staying with my sister Vivian and will be visiting Dara and Steve, her father. Summer breezes are underway. Will have a connection in Mke. Looked on google to see if it was a regional or international. It appears to be regional. Then on one’s return will be having a connection in Cle. And again went on google to see if that airport was reg. or int. and again it was regional. Only the Indpls. airport is international. So all in all it will be an adventure being that it will be one’s first time referring to the connection flights. One knows it will be a piece of cake. Earlier today went to a strip mall which had only a few stores there, and mainly looking for underwear and a purse. However wasn’t fortunate in obtaining both. So tomorrow will go to a discount place and hope to find both at reasonable prices. Last Friday went to the East Towne Mall and it was fantastic. It was large and one could view things at one’s hearts content. Had the great time. While there ordered 5 books which have already been shipped and will be here shortly. The books are” Harold Be Thy Name” by Malachy McCourt:” Dead Man Running” by Martin McGartland:”Irish Spies During The Troubles” by Martin McGartland: ” Through Irish Eyes” by Malachy McCourt:Voices of Ireland again by him. One had purchase these at discount prices. Great bargains. Some of the books are intense and one will be alright with that as one will listen to good music after one reads them.¬†While in Indpls., one will obtain an air ticket to go to Seattle in October to see my son Andre.