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” Three In One”

September 8, 2016

With the first week in September well underway with blue skies and an abundance of sunshine in this southern atmosphere other places on the planet aren’t as fortunate.
Namely Lac Megantic in the beautiful province in Quebec, in country of Canada: there was an oil exploration. No one has taken responsibility for this as yet. Most likely the company will point fingers saying its not their fault and will eventually never take blame for this. The reason being there will be massive fines placed against the culprit. Though time will tell. It is very sad just thinking of the wildlife lost, the sea life the various types of fish consumed by countless humans.
Second in this state of Georgia there was a chemical spill the Chattahooche River. Nicked named the Hooch by fellow Georgians. This river is extensive with national wildlife and natural beauty if research extensively. It is well known throughout the country. People I am told travel long distances to fish and do other outdoor activities. The Riverkeepers will detect toxic levels and will keep the state in tow until the levels go down or completely eradicate.
In North Dakota in the capital Bismarck there is a giant protest that has recently become violent. Sadly to say this act is here because of a pipeline being constructed by the government of the state or the U.S. government. These American Indians are protesting and rightfully so because the pipeline will be covering the graves of these dead American Indians. How awfull is this event!
In fact all of these events mentioned are horrible in their own unique way!
Noticed online news stories all have the facebook notably there to comment or for those who would like to make comments! This has become most annoying to readers and namely one particular reader!! This is full of Malarky!!!