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April 30, 2011

Another cloudy seems that rain is on the way. That is fine for numerous rain showers bring May flowers and afterall this is Spring. Was at Borders yesterday and the store was again displaying various types of coffee flavours to send to the troops, or one could purchase a bag for yourself or both, and in turn a free latee each Friday. One had taken part in that promotion three times previously this year. First time being that one had read the book ” War” by Sabastian Junger and saw the sensational film an award winning ” Restepo” deservingly so. So then yesterday when one had heard the announcement requesting people to take part in this venture. Suddenly tears came to one’s eyes for the reason being that Tim Hetherton was killed and three of the journalists along with him one later had died Chris Hondes. This had happened on Holy Thursday. At first when one heard it one thought ” Oh No” initial reports were so unbelievable that one had to make a concern effort to be calm and just think of something cheerful while avoiding the upcoming news. Then again while hearing the updated reports, it was sinking into one’s brain as a reality. Thought of why, how, most of all thought of their extended families. How senseless the whole incident is. What an unspeakable loss. The legacy is their dedication to their work and their gifted talents. Just thought one would take a second and mention this. That is the least one could do without dwelling on it.