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Solace Also A Sunset

July 1, 2020

Finding solace in a magnificent sunset is all together a good thing particularly at this time of year when now there is such worry. There are worries of natural daily life then there is the real worry of health. Covid 19 is still with us and will be for a long time to come.
I finished a book Common Ground by Justin Trudeau, What an inspiring lovely book. Lots of information and insight.
Momentarily I can feel the humidity here which is uncomfortable. Really don’t like this at all. Have to hydrate myself which is necessary so I don/t go find myself like before. Blood pressure is so important to daily health and should be monitored regularly.
Lots of items in store for this new month and all of them are vitally essential. Ian’s Birthday is in a couple of days. He is home for good which is wonderful without that worry. God kept him safe and praying nightly was the key. Andre is doing ok. His hemoglobin isn’t good though he has someone to get a handle on it. He has to go to the hospital for appointments for transfusions. He has dialysis today. He will be on a list for a transplant though not yet. This will be altogether new to him. Though very promising. So time will tell.
Have been keeping healthy in my own way. Eating apples daily. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. The story about carrots and eyes goes like this. Eat a carrot for the health of the eyes is a myth. In World War 11 the Germans and the American were in conflict along with the rest of the world. Don’t know the rest of the story. To make a long story short. Carrots have nothing to do with the eyes. I will find our the rest of the story and write it down so next I can say it. It’s really worth the time.


June 6, 2020

Things may detail panache or persons may. It all depends on the way society looks at this. Its defined as flamboyant. It may be looked upon as style. My point of view is different or maybe diverse. My view is that this is be sound. Meaning a person’s accent, particularly in New York City. That defends panache. An attraction to that sound, or for that matter a British Irish French accent. Along with the style of clothing or food. There is actually a store that has that name. Haven’t had the time to frequent this but it is on the agenda maybe.
Been progressing on many fronts. Which is really nice. Been keeping positive as well.


June 1, 2020

The weather is simply sensational! Been on the right tract considering the proclivity. Paying close attention to events nationally as well as internationally.
My older son Ian is home for good. What a relief to have him safe. Had a great Mothers day as well as a wonderful Birthday! Got two gift cards from him. My former email address had to be changed on Amazon. What stressful time getting that accomplished although with utter courage got it done. So now I may get what I want. Great Job!
Finished my book A Woman of a Thousand Names. Wonderful A Page Turner.
My younger son is at dialysis. Been doing fine despite feet swelling. Not down to normal. He is striving ahead. Just thinking of other things to do, like collecting hockey cards which he so enjoys.
Just thinking about positive things to ease the tensions of what is happening. Just don’t what to express it. Just enough words is suffice. Actions needs to happened on two fronts

A Spokesman

May 11, 2020

Noticing that the uneven temps are with us momentarily, its not forever. Outside is raining, cold and unseasonable. This is the month of May no less, with Spring not far away.
On a personal note, my dear son Andre just left for dialysis. His ankles and feet are still slightly swollen. Been limiting the liquid intake. So hopefully this will be a good treatment for him. Still he is using his catheter. Though the nurses are gradually using his fistula; in fact he used it on Wednesday. The catheter will be removed soon.
A spokesman is used as an advocate for groups of persons. The members of Congress of both the House and the Senate are these.
In the potato famine which killed thousands and thousands of Irish was very horrible. At that time in history the Navajo Nation came to their rescue and gave them food which at the time was life saving as the Irish were literally starving of hunger.
So now this year the Irish never forget the Navajo Nation in generosity. Ireland sent a tremendous amount of food equal to the amount sent years ago. The Navajo Nation are very thankful. This nation includes the states of Utah, New Mexico, Arizona. It is the largest tribe in the United States. It is very poor. Doesn’t even have running water, electricity. Families are crowded in large numbers in one room. Saw a documentary on this subject. It was very enlightening and informative. So it goes the humanity of some. This is wonderful to be viewing history in the making. This type of goodness is awe inspiring. There is a treaty with the tribes which enable them to have necessary items. There is such red tape with the federal government: more so with the Navajo Nation to get needed things. The Navajo Nation signed a treaty which lets them receive basic items.
So this is the way they have to operate sadly. At least they are trusting caring individuals.

Worth Noting

May 6, 2020

All my blogs are worth noting, particularly at this time, with the daily briefings with Governor Andrew Cuomo.
Finished my book Between Love and Honor by Alexandra La Pierre. Wonderful from beginning to end. Now started and reading A Woman of a Thousand Names. Just the start is tremendous.
Andre is at dialysis now. Didn’t go on Monday: went Friday, then had to go to the hospital over the weekend: finally went on Sunday. Was very stressful for him as well as for myself. His hemoglobin was low. His liquids are going to his feet so walking is most uncomfortable. Surely today he will be better. It’s just a day to day schedule with less energy with difficult breathing. Though all in all he is coping and adjusting. Actually makes me feel better emotionally.
Appointments have been postponed as a result of this pandemic. So my appointment with my primary doctor is now scheduled four days after my Birthday. Already got my presents from Andre. A book and a sensational dinner from Little Venice and another dinner a French restaurant. How lucky is that. Though will be waiting
for surprises as well. Might add Mother’s Day is just a few days away. So with this constant term oil, have to count my blessings! And they are many!

Significant Notes

April 1, 2020

How to begin! Just start from the beginning! Life is very different now: & will be for the for seasonal future: however it won’t be this way forever. There is a time lining as for everything in life. So with that perspective let’s focus on the positive.
Andre is at dialysis now. He is doing good. I’m also doing well. That in itself is great. Just got a private number call which of course didn’t answer. Played it smart. Just opened the window for Oreo so I can blog without having him making noise at the door knowing that Andre just left, & he’s wanting to go outside. Smart Kitty.
Jamal Khashoggi was killed in an horrendous way. This happened over a year or so without anyone taking responsibility then read recently that Turkey charged twenty Saudis with murder. Finally these people be taken & charged. This is a good event for simply the closure for the his family.
Now Oreo is quiet for now. His meowing sounds like a baby crying. Andre read that.
This stay at home order along with social distancing will help combat this unique virus. Of course washing hands often than usual will aid in the process.
This way of life will extend until June first. Hopefully there will be a vaccine in September. Johnson & Johnson is working hard to accomplish this. Surely hope the company will succeed. The virus will come around in the fall or winter again. So it is apparent that this vaccine will be implemented by September.
Speaking of September my doctor’s appt has been postponed till then, will be changed again. So I deal with the change. Reading my book still, Between Love& Honor which is wonderful. Been keeping in contact with friends & family. Keeping calm, busy & positive.

Items Of Importance

March 23, 2020

Where to begin! Naturally from the start. There is so much to say. My son Ian is still in Baghdad. Got an email from him. He is doing just okay waiting to come home. Finally after two months, the gift card arrived at John & Wanda’s address. This was a lengthy ordeal. John gave the envelope to Michelle.
My son Andre is doing well. He had a doctor’s appointment to check on the progress of the fistula. Thankfully it is & has been healing nicely. The doctor mentioned that it is Andre’s choice when he may start using it for dialysis. Right now he has been using the catheter. In a while the catheter will be removed.
I had been going to dialysis & waiting for Andre in the waiting room. Now because of the Coronoviris All visitors aren’t permitted there.
Andre & I still do doordash just not often. When we do it there are hardly cars on the road being that there is a stay at home to slow down the virus. It is very strange weird to see things change this way.
So on a lighter note. Just finished a book ” His Perfume Burned His Eyes” by Michael Imperioli. It was entertaining, sad, & very good. Would recommend this. Andre & I have been watching One Planet, a really good documentary. Watched a couple of good movies at Redbox too.
So that’s all momentarily. U can be sure much more later!

An Image And Mortality

March 10, 2020

There is springtime peeking around the corner. How nice will this be. As the warmer skies approaches the earth: more and more people will be outside enjoying the pleasant temperatures naturally.
Each of us are living from paycheck to paycheck just trying to make ends meet and praying each night to be above water. A good amount of the population are living in their cars, which is truly sad. They do have jobs or maybe two yet can’t afford the rent. Unfortunately these are some families which is doubly difficult. The children go to school like any other child though at night they sleep in their family’s cars. Just to know I must reiterate this only for the fact that this has fallen on deaf ears.
The homeless shelter is of no use to them only because these useless shelters open the earliest hours and close at ridiculous hours. So if the people work in restaurants and get off at one or two in the morning then these shelters would be closed and locked. So that is very cruel.
I noticed a local tv station posed if viewers had good questions of anything of value so therefore I proceeded to pose my question. Needless to say I hadn’t heard a response to my email.
I mentioned that there are several buildings in the downtown area which are uninhabitable. So it would be a great idea to have the homeless restore these for themselves. It would be a plus to everyone concerned.

Calming Down : Waiting Still

February 21, 2020

It’s nearly ten in the evening, had a busy day though not tired yet, just relived to finally have the gift card arrive. It was here when I arrived home with Andre from dialysis. Actually phoned ups in the chapel while Andre was having treatment. He had a fistula put in on Tuesday so naturally couldn’t drive on Wednesday. So he had it today. Will have it tomorrow. Just looks better for a transplant. Each day he feels better.
So I was overjoyed that the gift card arrived today. Got a letter from the Cheesecake Factory saying the amount. So I addressed an envelope to Michelle’s Mom. Andre put a short note to Ian. So I will post it soon yet not immediately for the fact that Andre isn’t feeling put to par. Though I finally received it after at least six weeks. The Cheesecake Factory replaced it.
Finished my book The Pigeon Tunnel Le Carre. It is a great book & highly recommended. So enjoyed this.
So I intend to take this envelope addressed to the post office & certify it with a tracking number. So that’s the size of it. All my life I have fought for what is important & therefore it is worth fighting for. If things come easy then it’s not worth it. So that is my perspective.

Seething : Calming Down

February 17, 2020

Now this is a short month & nothing in the way of the saga continues. So let’s keep the readers up to date. Went to The Cheesecake Factory & spoke to Alex the manager. He was & is extremely helpful. He phoned the corporate office in California. He said the card was still active. Gave me a number to phone a lady in charge. She said she would put a freeze on the one & issue another card. Then send this gift card UPS. Gave me a tracking number. It would take two days to arrive. So I could track it. Then came the day of delivery & she said that it wasn’t delivered & then went to an access unit. She gave me the address & it sounded weird which she agreed. So she suggested that I don’t go there that UPS would redeliver the item so that is where the saga stands now. In the meantime I phoned the UPS office & told her to have the gift card deliver it to my address. So I have been waiting for it. Today is Monday.