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“A Combination”

May 17, 2010

Finally thereĀ are favourable, warmer more seasonable days from this past weekend and the days ahead. The sun shining brightly, what a pleasant change. This is a combination of Mother’s Day and one’s Birthday. Got a bouquet of Roses in a beautiful rose colored glass vase from Ian and two indepth conversational phone calls from Andre. How magnificant was that! Treated oneself to gifts. Movies, music and books too, along with ordering a Papa John’s Pizza one favourite. Had part of it on Friday and the rest on Saturday. While at Barnes and Noble came across a piece of music the Doo-Wop Collection which one might say was surprising to find. Then one ordered several books from there. Those will be forthcoming. Then pre-ordered Sabastian Junger book “War” and that is now sitting on one’s bookcase. Speaking of the type of music purchased, doo-wop, it is made up of blues, jazz, and one might say that rock and roll music came from that particular music. When one listens closely one may hear the famous band Chicago which is jazz and rock together. Then received many birthday wishes via facebook and more of the same over the phone. One’s birthday was incredible and it is continuing in the way of gifts and moreso with the compliments of friends and family. Also as an afterthought was trying to find the book “Harold Be Thy Name by Malachy McCourt and the movies ” The McCourts of Limerick” and The McCourts of New York. Today while on the Borders website found all three of them. The movies are on VHS which is fine b/c one has a player that will be for both. Wanted one’s special day to continue and it is as one will order those at the next opportunity. How joyous is that.