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“So Near Yet So Far”

May 12, 2010

Another cold and rainy day is upon the horison as sprinkles of water gently falls on the earth. It really feels more like March or April than nearly the middle of May. However this weekend seems to be more conducive in normality. Thought it would be better to blog now instead of taking a stroll. One feels so near yet so far when it comes to the subject of family. While being close to them in an emotional way which is mutual, the distance¬†in travel time comes into play. One has to keep in mind that all people regardless of who they are has to have their own space and that goes for myself as well. One also has to keep in mind that just because they are family or close friends, one has to be invited and never just barge in without notice. Or just take people for granted. Air tickets are very extravagant and if the plan to merge the two major airlines take effect namely Continental and United the price will be exorbitant. One will have to really plan far in advance to obtain a decent fare. A couple of weeks ago, one was online to view tickets to Seattle and again was thinking months in advance and came across a ticket for little over $300. It was a little under $300 if one wanted to take advantage of¬†a little known airline namely Alaska and some other non-descript airline. So if people wanted to run their chances and gamble on price verses safety. Would define safety as a priority and pay the slight difference. It is better to feel comfortable in one’s company than not and feel obligated to them. Better feelings are had by all if one really wants to be in their company rather than having to and dreading the thought of it. One is confident that one will eventually travel when the time is right.