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May 2, 2010

This morning seems to have a slight chill in the air, however it is sunny and the temperature is relatively warm. Have the windows open to provide some breeze in the room. There has been in the past month a series of articles on international adoptions namely in Russia. Furthermore there was a young boy put back on a plane and flown to his native country. How dreadful! To treat another human with such callous disregard as if this was a piece of human cargo. It is truly shameful that in order for adoptions to take place that the almightly dollar sign stands in the way of the adult who wants to adopt. Why is that? Why is the criteria always about the monetary factor. Why if someone wants to adopt the agencies puts them through the third degree? That shouldn’t be such a priority. There are many orphanages that children simply live their entire life within these walls. They may at some point go to bed crying and arise the morning after feeling a sense of dread of uncertain events that would come their way. What a horrible outcome. Perhaps they would be looked upon as someone who doesn’t fit in with the mainstream of others and perhaps they are ostracised by their classmates, especially when they are out on field trips and come in contact with children from other schools in their neighbourhood and nearby towns, cities. There are many children in orphanages in this country. Perhaps these children are taken to state agencies for their own safety as diversied by the courts. The law should change to have single people who will provide the upbringing, care and welfare of┬áthese youngers. Granted there should be a background check, and ask the proper questions in a sign affidavit. To ask any questions in the legal sense, to make positively sure that this person is an upstanding citizen. However with that being said the agencies shouldn’t make it more difficult. Along the same vane, why is it necessary to have money passed from attorney to attorney? That shouldn’t come into play when dealing with a human life. If for some reason a married couple can’t have children then why don’t they think of adoptions? Or if a married couple have already run the gambit with having children, then why don’t they they adopt another child, or if the children are siblings then they may think of adopting two or three so these children won’t be separated.