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June 18, 2011

With numerous thunderstorms on the way for the upcoming week, life carries on at a normal pace. Why does the media focus more on events that occur prior to an ultimate act of devastation? Namely the 1998 bombing of the World Trade Building that blew out the basement, the parking lot, and one would presume a couple of floors above that, if one isn’t mistaken. There has to be a deep seeded resentment as to perform such a dastardly act let alone the act that had followed just a few years later. One would ponder that the government could have paid more attention to that particular act as if only as a prevention to the act that happened on 9/11/2001. Who knows if that would have occurred? The lasted victim died only a few days ago as a result of breathing fumes on that day. He had lived only 10 years later. A very occupied week is forthcoming as one has a dentist appt on Tuesday, which is necessary and annoying. Then on Wednesday have to go to the dmv to renew ones state id. Anytime one is dealing with the government: either, city, county or fed., they make it so difficult as not giving the right info., having to deal with automated services that misguide you in the opposite direction, not giving you the correct phone numbers and if so being cagey. Then on Thursday have to again go to the grocery. It is nice that it only around the corner though one will again travel by means of green cab as one has quite a lot to purchase this time. Will be getting ready for Ian’s and family visit too next month. Still liking and enjoy the peace of mind regarding ones habitation. One must continue to be highly organised too.