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“What If”

September 15, 2011

With the glorious sunshine gracing the surface of the earth, it is a very pleasant time of year. One has a knack of endless analysing facts that have already come to fruition. This to oneself is an attribute to have. Having said that, one comes up with endless questions of what if. This is in reference to choices of others who have been before oneself. Namely how would history have been told to future generations if there could have been an alternative to World War One or World War Two? What would that option be? Knowing another country attack the U.S., could war be avoided? Would diplomatic expertise be put to the ultimate test? If that was so then Hitler would have come to power in Germany and not sided with Mussolini in Italy. Came, served out his term in office and was unnoticed. Therefore would there have been a Cold War? East and West Berlin would have remained whole and not divided. Would Six Thousand lives of Jewish people been saved? Would there never have been Japanese interment camps in the U.S? Could the U.S. have avoided the Korean War., where to this day the DMZ is still parolled on a daily basis? Look as to the countless American lives that could have been saved. Could some amount of diplomacy be enacted to avoid the Vietnam War? Look again at the numerous lives of Americans that could have been saved. At this very moment the U.S. is still in Iraq. Afghanistan is still a troubling spot as the U.S. rages on in that distant war. Could these two have been avoided in some way. If recruiters of the armed forces know of a song sung by Pearl Jam and lyrics scripted by Bob Dylan called ” Masters Of War” and had it posted in their various offices throughout the U.S. and took the song to heart literally: these recruiters would change their tune in a second.