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“On A Mission”

September 2, 2010

Again it is raining on and off like a spigot, however at the moment the sun is out. Guess that’s a good sign. In one’s attempt to purchase an LP of Sandler and Young called Side by Side at Borders Marketplace recently. It was unsuccessful. Not that it wasn’t a result of one’s efforts. It just wasn’t designed to be. That is fine with oneself, however will comment the whys and wherefores. One had a prepaid visa-depit card a temporary one and also another one which was sent to the house. Had made two transactions with the temporary one previously in which one had purchased two vhs movies” The McCourts of Limerick and the McCourts of New York” Now these were both done successfully previously. Went to Walgreens on the same day. The three managers were arguing and couldn’t come to a decision as to how to charge oneself the amount including the activation fee. This was stated one’s reaction in yesterday’s blog. This Green Dot Corp., has a P.O. Box84020,Columbus, Ga.31908. The new card was connected to a bank in Ga. Didn’t contact these people simply because the whole operation is a scam. A fraud! The new card wasn’t activated yet and didn’t have any money on it. So in order for it to be done on both counts. Another $30.00 would have been put on it. Even though these cards had an expiration date of two years hence from now. Only a few or less transactions are made on each card. A person has to put a least a $500 dollar minimum or a $1,000 maximum in order not to pay the activation fee. And who is foolheardy to do that. That is how these people make the dough with others paying a $30.00 dollars each time. These people are just above the law legally without breaking it. Did email and told them of the concern. Had got a nice responsible response from them today. Also did destroy both cards yesterday. Companies like Walmart, Walgreens, Kroger, CVS or anyone who sells these GreenDotCards, prepaid visa card should discontinue selling these cards at once. In order for them to do that people, the general public should discontinue to frequent these establishments and force them to do just that. Time to oneself is precious. It shouldn’t be wasted with people who are fraudulent and out to make a buck anyway possible. These people prey on the innocent. Why should oneself suffer a heart attack brought on by intense anger concerning this. It is not worth it. The only way that evil survives is if good people do nothing.