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” A Recipe”

December 1, 2013

Winter wonderings are upon all of us. Holiday get-togethers are part of these last two months of the year, this year and every year in the past as well as in the future. It would be a good idea and make the best of the hustle, bustle and hassle of it. While drinking some more coffee, as if I needed it, although my middle name should be “chock full of nuts” if you get my drift. The other night way early in the morning, a recipe came to mind. Being never following a recipe in all my existence, I was solely surprised at the dreamt up idea. Here are the ingredients. Four large sweet potatoes: a can of pineapple rings: a jar of red cherries: along with another jar of green cherries. Obtain a wide flat baking pan, yeah high: grease the pan with butter, margarine or cooking spray, including the sides of the pan. Split the potatoes in half. Make sure the skins are still on, as you place them on the bottom of the pan. Gently mashed them as you do with white potatoes, making sure they become soft. These sweet potatoes should appear flat. Place the pineapple rings on the sweet potatoes close together making sure the juices flow into the sweet potatoes. Use all of the pineapple rings sometimes stacking two at a time. Then use the red and green cherries interchangably one after another. Then if you want an added feature obtain a medium size bag of miniature marshmellows using the whole bag: if it was your choice using large marshmellows, only a quarter of the bag. The miniatures would be far better. Then bake the entire items in the oven so the marshmellows will be melted over the rest of it. If you choose you may leave it in the oven a bit longer so the marshmellows will be slightly brown to appear as a crust. So there it is compactly. This maybe used as a potluck, where others are taking fixings to family or friends homes for the holidays including parties of the New Year.