Striving And Succeeding

With a cup of tea at hand instead of my usual brew of coffee, times are changing. Have a new address which is nice and I am still welcome here on Linden Street. Andre and his roommate John have been fantastic. My new apartment isn’t far from here which makes it good. I will be leaving my computer with Andre, and will be using it occasionally.
Yesterday had an appointment with RG&E, and waited almost the entire day. After phoning them they said they had shown yet no one was there to have them enter. Both Andre and I were there in plenty of time. So after a lot of rigamole the lady said turn on the breakers and then go to the basement and turn on those breakers as well. Andre went there and found the breakers and the lights were on at last. Now I have an appointment actually an all day appointment with them on Monday. This is for the gas. I will have to be there so I can let the person enter my apartment.
Lots of walking too, racing to catch buses, speed walking which is physically exhausting. It is emotionally draining as well.
Today I am waiting for the postman to get a change of address. Tried online though last evening, didn’t get a confirmation.
Andre will be using the computer for his excellent writing. He is finishing up Paradise which is a sequel. He is working on Any Town as well.
So this is a close for this month: will start again in March.  Want this to be posted. Thanks so much!!!


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