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July 10, 2009

As the storms were overnight it still is a pleasant change with seasonable temps for this month. This strong wind, with rain was good as one slept so soundly all one felt was the gentle breeze as one had the windows opened. One always liked the trait of sarcasm in others. It takes a sense of insight, knowledge to know when it is appropriate and when it isn’t. Surely there are times that sarcasm isn’t correct and as to others enjoying it or not. In other words there is a time and place for it and others must share in it and appreciate it just the same. There are esamples. If one has tried their level best to try to esplain something to someone countless times and it is in a debate about some certain subject and the other doesn’t comprehend for the reason that it won’t register. One’s response is what part of that don’t you understand. Usually that phase will hit home. Another one would be if the other person has asked oneself over and over again and one has answered the same question in many different ways and still the person won’t get it. One’s response would be: I’ll be there as soon as your comfort becomes important to me. Sarcasm is good to poke fun at situations rather than people. If a situation in a person’s life can’t be changed and instead of whining and bemoaning the fact therefore in the process getting on others nerves and irk or irritating them: it is better to use some sarcarm and laugh at the whole situation in attempt to ease the tensions. Complaining isn’t going to make it better and in some cases may make the situation worse. So use sarcasm as a form of laughter to make light of what is there.