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“Questions Without Answers”

February 3, 2017

Beautiful Rochester always though not by any means perfect because that’s not reality. All questions that are asked is a way to gain more knowledge than already obtained. No question that is asked is stupid only the question that isn’t asked is stupid. However there are questions without answers.
Been very active getting items accomplished while making lists in the process. My son Andre is ok at the moment he is downtown getting daily medicine which he requires almost daily. I am very concerned for him naturally. He had a recent MRI and it showed that the amyloid is now in the brain stem which explains that his feet and hands become numb sometimes. Sometimes when he rises to stand he becomes lightheaded. His doctor is concerned as well along with John, his roommate. We are saddened with this fact yet don’t want to have Andre feel worse than he already does. So I carry on and try not to have this overtake my life.
Been looking for an apartment still focused on the same one originally. Yesterday Andre and I went there. This time the bus dropped us off closer to the apartment so there wasn’t such a lengthy walk previously. Handed them some needed papers. The girl was off who looks at my application. She will phone me actually am waiting for the call. Already have furniture, a sofa, a recliner, a dresser, a mattress. Will be getting a studio apartment starting at 525 a month and with going on level billing with RGE it will come up to 600 so I will have enough money for other things including food. Speaking of that I am eating healthier while still emotionally. My weight is from 89 to 92 pounds. I feel ok which is important.
Been corresponding with Weesie, handwritten letters. Always preferred those as I still have my handwritten letters from my late cousin Tim. My dearest friend Alynn will be sending those along with others items of mine in the next shipment. He says that my items are narrowing down. Was thinking after he sends me the rest: he and I could write handwritten letters as well. Haven’t told him this though thinking if he reads this he will find out. Always like surprising my close friends. They resemble my family.
While coming back home yesterday, Andre and I went to Saha Med. Grill on Mt Hope Ave. Ordered two sandwiches for take out, Falafel, with Tzatiki sauce with hummus on pita flat bread. It was sensational. Left a message with them saying the atmosphere is pleasant as well. Received a short message in return. Thought Andre and I deserved this. In fact thought each month we will do something fun.


” All My Ducks In A Row”

April 15, 2016

Keeping focus and having a good frame of mind is the key. Occasionally it’s difficult to do especially when there is such negativity around you; so you learn to block that out and practice fortitude. Weather wise it is sunny and cool. Might add just concentrate on people who have a positive attitudes instead of the opposite. It has to be addictive too.
Ever since I’ve come here my main concern was to obtain another eye doctor as my last appointment was with Dr. Shapiro in Madison, Wisconsin in the month of November. It was suggested that I would make an appointment in May and schedule it for the 10th at 3 in the afternoon which I promptly did. Then after coming to Atlanta which has been 4 months now: I was just racing against time in order to make another appointment with a doctor whom and where was the ultimate question. Phoned Dr. Shapiro’s office on several occasions and actually phoned when I knew the office was closed as time was racing nearer to May. My friend/neighbor had an appointment in Midtown Atlanta on Peachtree St. and noticed Dr. Michael B. Shapiro’s name so naturally I questioned that and Dee said” That she saw his name with the Ga. Eye Partners. That was understandable being that I knew Dr. Shapiro has gone to school here as part of his wider education. This prompted me to go online to the Ga. Eye Partners on Peachtree St. Noticed the various names listed and noticed there was a doctor who had similar places attuned to Dr. Shapiro and figured that Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Eugene Gabianelli knew one another in an educational sense. Figured they went to the same school which in fact that occurred at some point in their lives. So I thought that Dr. Shapiro would recommend this particular doctor. Then finally got an email from Briana who was office manager at his office saying that Dr. Shapiro would be in the office on Wednesday. So I thought making progress just waiting two more days. Then out of the blue on Tuesday received a call from Dr. Shapiro’s office. Immediately answered and Veronica said” Dr. Shapiro has left me a note to call you; he recommends Dr. Frances( Dixie) McMullan, her office is in Tucker, Ga.” Gave me the address, the phone number. Asked Veronica whether this Dr. accepts medicare patients? She said that I would have to see when I called for an appointment tomorrow. The very next day I phoned which was a Wednesday and made an appointment. Told Amy that I was a new patient recommended by Dr. Shapiro. Amy said Dixie is only in the office on Wednesdays that she is at the Buckhead office the other times or travels. I said that was perfect. The doctor was having hip surgery in a few weeks and would be out of the office. I said ” I have to make it in May. Now after all this I have an appointment in the month of May which is on the 18th at 3 in the afternoon” It will be on Ian and Michelle’s wedding anniversary which they will be 20 years married. It will also be 3 days after my birthday.
My son Andre phoned recently and he likes Rochester, N.Y. and everything is going well for him. As a mother can’t ask for anything better.
I am getting more things from my dearest friend Alynn. In that respect things are on the upswing. Life is good when I center myself on around certain individuals and mainly think of them before thinking of myself!