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“In Disarray”

July 13, 2009

As the gentle breezes with very low humidity, if not only slightly it is a good thought to be outdoors enjoying the warmth and sunshine. To take a stroll near the bay as one did earlier. In the midst of the walk one stopped at Subway and complimented them on the service yesterday and proceeded to inquire how often do they bake the cookies: as one depleted them of all their macadamians which were ten and one will have each cookie and some tea for breakfast. They replied that they bake them in the morning and if the volume is there then they would do a batch in the evening. All of them are fresh. Both the rail and bus system is in disarray. If one had to take a bus from point A to point B one would have to transfer and wait wasted time and sometimes in the process end up in poor bad areas of the city.That is why one will take a cab even if there is more money in the long run. This isn’t initially only in this particular city. There are many just like these modes. Only the major cities have the advantage. The rail system is worse, with unscheduled stops in very small unknown places just to take up and waste the time of passengers. The railroad tracks are very old and need much repair as many accidents take place from time to time yet nothing is done to mend the problem. There should be a better solution to this problem however it all boils down to the almightly dollar and there never is enough of that. Yet politicians continue to waste the tax payer’s money. There is an Amtrack in Indpls, Milwaukee,and of course Chicago, yet none here in Madison. Leave to up to the people here which are not the brightest. I guess one has to conclude that the people here like their cars better which give of added polution.